Baseboard & Crown Molding

Baseboards & Crown Molding

Colorful Design offers quality Removal and Installation of Baseboards and Crown Molding. We offer all styles of molding, our experts will provide you with samples to choose from! Call us for a quote today and one of experts will gladly help!

Removal & Installation Services

Colorful Design offers affordable & top quality Baseboard & Crown Molding removals and installations using our proprietary and innovate process. 

Our experts will make quick work of the removal services in an efficient and timely matter! 

When we install crown molding and baseboards, our experts will offer seamless installations. We will also provide you with multiple options of crown molding and baseboard styles to choose from!

Call us for a free quote today!

The Painting Method

When it comes to painting Baseboards & Crown Molding, or any molding for that matter, the process involves precision and innovation.

Our professionals are experts in this type of painting which involves attention to detail. We use multiple methods to achieve seamless results including spraying the molding and the use of top quality brushes that leave NO brush strokes. 

Our experts will be available to answer any of your questions and help you better understand what’s involved in the methods we use. 

We offer free quotes for all your molding needs, call us today to discuss your options!